AAMA 501.2 Test Standard & 3rd Party Testing

AAMA 501.2 - Basic Information

What is the AAMA 501.2 Test?
The AAMA 501.2 test is a Quality Assurance and Diagnostic Water Leakage Field Check of Installed Storefronts, Curtain Walls, and Sloped Glazing Systems.

What is the Scope and Purpose of the AAMA 501.2 Test?
It is primarily intended to be a quality assurance measure for new construction projects and to evaluate those joints, gaskets, and sealant details in the glazing which are designed to remain permanently closed and water tight.

AAMA 501.2 Test Area
The area to be tested should be fully assembled and ready for testing prior to the arrival of the test crew. The area should also be a representative sample of typical installation on the project and usually not less than 100 square feet.

The test area should also include: perimeter caulking, typical splices, frame intersections, and if applicable, at least two entire vision lites and two entire spandrel lites containing an intermediate vertical member and intermediate horizontal member.

Test Specifics and Mandatory Requirements
1. Test apparatus (the AAMA 501.2 Spray Wand) must have a nozzle that is a Type B-25, #6.030 with a 13mm (1/2in) FPT.

2. Test pressure must be adjusted to 30-35 PSI (Refer to the test standard for exceptions).

3. Designated test areas to be divided up into 5 foot sections of the framing and joints. Nozzle must be held to plane of wall at a distance of 12 inches from test specimen (plus or minus an inch tolerance allowed).

4. Test rate of 1 minute per lineal foot per section (i.e.-one "5" foot lineal section shall be tested in a period of 5 minutes).

5. The gauge must be calibrated every 6 months, and calibration certificates shall be made available upon request.

6. The test standard requires that testing be performed by an AAMA accredited independent testing agency (Section 5.5).

SPECIFER NOTE 7: AAMA accredited laboratories are required to comply with AAMA 204-98 "Guidelines for AAMA Accreditation of Independent Laboratories Performing On-Site Testing of Fenestration Products". The requirement of AAMA accreditation assures the specifer that the laboratory has the staff, training, experience, and calibrated equipment to properly perform field testing.

Figure 1: AAMA 501.2 Diagram

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