Construction Defects

Construction Defect Litigation and Insurance Claims

Building Envelope: Windows, Doors, and Wall Systems

The construction industry will invariably have defect claims brought forth to insurance carriers and we are here to help you navigate through this complex and trying process.

Since 1988 our fully accredited laboratory has been testing, inspecting, and investigating windows, doors, and walls throughout the country. With decades of experience in our corner there are few issues that we have not seen as it relates to a building’s wall envelope. With that experience and background we are able to quickly analyze the claims you are facing and then begin immediately working on providing solutions to assist in resolving the matter.

One of the things we pride ourselves on is our unique ability to take a highly technical issue and explain it in a manner to individuals, who do not possess that same level of technical expertise, so that it makes sense to them; something that is not so easily found in this niche trade.

Defects and Claims May Include:

  • Water Leakage and Intrusion at Windows, Doors, and Walls
  • Product Design Defects
  • Air Leakage
  • Product Compatibility
  • Waterproofing Design Defect
  • Glass Breakage
    • Spontaneous glass breakage
  • Due Diligence
  • Insulated Glass Failure
  • Scratched and Damaged Glass
  • Structural Deflection and Damage
  • Personal Injury
    • Cuts, falls, etc.
  • Safety Requirements
  • Workmanship
    • Installation of window and door products
    • Interfacing b/w window and door products and wall systems
  • Functionality
    • Production operation
  • Product Distortion
    • Bows and twists
    • Heat distortion
    • Coloring issues
  • Window/Door/Wall Performance Requirements
    • International Residential Code
    • International Building Code
    • City, State, and other Codes